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Lakeside Pottery Ceramic Restoration Studio



1st Street, Stamford, CT 06905, USA

Tel: (203)406-9999

We offer professional ceramic, porcelain, china and pottery repair and restoration services for individuals, collectors, antique shops, museums.

About our service capabilities: We strive for the highest quality and we treat each object entrusted to us with the utmost care. We repair, fix and restore a wide range of materials which include pottery, ceramic, porcelain, china, terra-cotta, clay, stoneware, stone, plaster, resin, wood and other materials. We can provide different level of repair for high-end restoration and can propose more affordable options and rates.

Our repair and restoration services include almost any antique, collectible, art objects, ornaments or picture frames. The range of repairs we can perform is diverse – it can be on a simple crack, chipped item or a multiple breaks and / or on items with missing pieces. Lakeside Pottery can match the ceramic material and restore the original look and feel. As an option, we have the unique capability, as ceramic artists, of taking an impression of missing pieces, reproducing them from clay and kiln firing the duplicated pieces (instead of a “cold” filler option) to insure uniformity of materials and retain the restored item’s value. At times, making a Custom Made replica in our pottery studio is a more cost effective option which you may choose.

Satisfaction guaranteed: We do not ask for the balance due payment until you are 100% satisfied with the end results (we’ll e-mail you high resolution pictures for review). Our repair process yields extremely strong bond of broken pieces and repair will not change colors with time.



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