To all in Connecticut:Oliver

We started with the idea in the beginning of 2012. The idea of bringing back business to Connecticut. It is very scary to see so many places going out of business, farms being sold, homes foreclosed and so many people losing their jobs.

When buying produce and other fresh food items, don’t be surprised they are from other states or countries.  Going to stores and checking out the tags on products, most of them are marked, made in another state or country. We played around and talked how to promote Connecticut products and services to our own state, other states and the world.

We know that Connecticut is full of skilled workers in all industries. We have the best artists. We have so many dedicated farmers, and we can go on and on…… Therefore, we decided to start a website, where we can all come together as a community to share ideas, to educate Connecticut to buy locally and take advantage of the local services rendered in a fun way.

Please help us make this a success.



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