November 30, 2023


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Advanced Features of a Virtual PBX Service

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Advanced Features of a Virtual PBX Service Virtual Private Branch Exchanges are hosted PBX systems...

Advanced Features of a Virtual PBX Service Virtual Private Branch Exchanges are hosted PBX systems that allow companies to use a private branch exchange system without having to install the equipment at their business premises. Virtual PBX systems are hosted and maintained by an outside server. All you need is an internet connection and IP phones or an ATA adapter to connect an analog phone. All the standard functions of the PBX service are performed by the virtual PBX service at the service provider’s site, allowing businesses to save valuable time that would otherwise be required to maintain and operate a PBX service. Virtual PBX services have evolved over the years and now include some very advanced features such as – voicemail to email services, voicemail to text notifications, call screening functions, different types of call forwarding, automated greetings etc. The Auto Attendant greets callers with professional business greetings. It routes calls to appropriate extensions, mailboxes, groups, conference rooms, call queues etc and handles many calls arriving simultaneously. Virtual PBX calls can be routed to extensions that are connected to a cell phone, a home office phone, any touchtone telephone. It can also distribute incoming calls to a Virtual Call Center (Automatic Call Distribution or ACD Queues). You can listen to your voicemail on the phone or on your computer. A fax is sent to your local phone number or a toll-free phone number is converted in PDF file and sent to your email account. You can have a live person answer the caller rather than an auto attendant by setting up a telephone number to ring a specific extension first, or a group to enable sequential or simultaneous rings. If you have more than one office and employees working at different sites, the virtual PBX system allows you to stay connected. It has the facility to integrate all your remote employees, call agents, branch offices and sales outlets under one central toll-free number. Since virtual services host video, voice, and data conferencing, a company can enjoy remote collaboration without investing in any additional software or hardware. Virtual-PBX comes with advanced call management features to enhance the image of small and midsize businesses. The feature-rich, user-friendly virtual phone systems are designed to help you stay connected with your callers round-the-clock and you will not miss any incoming call. Virtual service hosting also offers advanced features that are unique to the integration of the phone and computer. Virtual PBX phone systems features an Internet fax service which allows you to send, receive and organize fax messages without the need for traditional fax machines. The way that many virtual PBX services work is through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP allows data lines and IP networks to be used to transmit voice data. A virtual PBX VoIP service can also offer your company with voicemail coupled with a toll free number. Virtual-PBX-services allow companies to have a toll free number and toll-free numbers have been conclusively shown to boost sales for several types of businesses. With a virtual PBX you enjoy all the advanced features and functionalities of a modern sophisticated phone system without the need to spend on expensive hardware. In fact, you can link all your communication devices to create a virtual office, giving each of your employees access to all the telephone and fax features.

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