May 30, 2024


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Advice And Tips For Getting The Most From Your Iphone

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Are you intimidated about buying an iphone but fear that you think it could be complicated to use? Are you unsure that you might not be able to use it properly? This article contains information to help you fully master your very first iphone!

A screen is a useful investment for your iphone. Without a protector, it can become scratched. Even tiny pieces of dirt on your finger may cause scratches.

Did you know you can use your headphone cord to snap a photo? Begin by bringing the picture you want to capture.When the picture is ready to go, depress the button your cord. This will then take the picture.You can then save your picture as you would normally.

Are there special characters such as umlauts or accented letters you wish to include in your texts? A box is supposed to appear with extra keys. You can then use as many fancy letters as you need.

This will allow you to receive and view messages right away directly on your iphone. You may choose to sync just one account to your iphone.

Suggestion Box

When sending an email or typing in a note and do not want to use the suggested iphone words, you don’t have to press X to get rid of the suggestion box. Just tap the screen at any area and the suggestion box will go away.

You can take screenshots of websites and other screens with the iphone. Simply hold the “sleep” button while holding in the “home” button. Your screenshot is captured when the screen is white.

Turn keyboard clicks on by going to the sounds setting for your phone if you wish to hear noise each time a character is entered during texting. This will let you know with a sound each time you press a button on the phone and will help eliminate mistakes you make when typing.

Do not go overboard with the apps for your iphone.Some are not legitimate and may charge you hidden fees.

You may want to finish what you are doing before tending to the notifications. You should know that you can easily and swiftly rid of the notification. You only need to swipe away the pop up screen.

With these iphone tips, you are now ready to use your iphone like a pro. It is time to purchase an iphone. Take what you have learned and you will be very happy!

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