June 14, 2024


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Benefits of a Toll Free Number

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Benefits of a Toll Free Number From a marketing perspective, it can be said without fear of contradiction that any advertisement – be it on electronic or print media – a toll-free number is sure to attract a larger response. Businessmen who use toll free numbers are fully aware of the benefits of it, but others are blissfully ignorant how much business they are losing by not using the toll-free number. Marketing professionals are convinced that advertising with a toll-free number can bring in 30% more orders than advertisements that carry no toll free number. Additionally, statistics show that product return rates can be decreased by as much as half. Interestingly, it is learned that customers call in to resolve their problems after buying rather than return the goods if a toll free number is provided. There is no denying that numbers are a great boon for the business community. The 800 number by itself motivates consumers to readily respond. Vanity numbers – in other words, the toll-free numbers that spell out a word or words associated with a product or brand, are far more productive though some may consider it not cost-effective. A market survey was conducted to compare the impact of numeric toll free numbers versus toll free vanity numbers in radio advertising. Half of the ads mentioned a numeric phone number, and the other half mentioned a vanity number. The results: The vanity number received a whopping 14 times more responses than the 800 numeric. Here are some valuable tips on how to fully take advantage of toll free numbers: 1. When you print sales promotion materials like – business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and catalogs, make sure to prominently print your toll-free number preferably in a couple of places. 2. Make a habit of coloring or bolding the words – “toll free”. 3. When you advertise in print medium, mention your toll-free number and preferably use the phrase “Contact us TOLL FREE at…”. 4. Customers must be firmly reassured that the phone call to your business will cost them nothing. 5. Make sure you display your toll-free number on your website in several areas and be sure to include your email address so customers have two options for contacting you. 6. If your business can afford it, create a vanity number, so that people easily remember your business and contact details. Further, toll free numbers attract customers to your business because they give it an air of professionalism. They also increase the customer’s confidence in the security of financial transactions with your company. You can also create a virtual office in your home-based business. A huge benefit of your toll-free number is – calls can be forwarded to your cell phone, pager, email address, and even you home phone – thereby no longer tying you down to your office desk. Its numbers also carry a lot of features including audio conferences, professional voice announcement feature, call screening, call recording, call forwarding, auto attendant etc. Please know that apart from businesses, there are enough this benefits to your personal life as well. A toll free number will tempt everyone in your life to regularly contact and stay in touch with you. Even less affluent relatives will find it easy to call you regularly by getting a personalized. The toll-free number benefits both you and all your friends and relatives, as they can stay in close contact. A toll free number will benefit school-going children and college-going children as they will be able to call you at any time, even when they have no money.

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