Business VoIP: A True Cost Saver

Business VoIP: A True Cost Saver Nothing is truer than the fact that for running a successful business, first you have to outrun your competitors. Devising and employing new strategies and employing latest technological innovations will not only help make you the cynosure of the clients’ eyes but also prove to be the defining difference between you and your competitors. The introduction of business VoIP is one such conception, which has revolutionized the global economy in more than one way. Far superior then its predecessors business phone service, this communication standard has inspired many ordinary business to greater heights of success. If you are still wondering, how this service has proved to be a bane for the traditional phone service while acting as a boon for small and large enterprises then you are certainly missing out on something. The biggest benefit of this service from a business point of view is the lower costs of ownerships. According to an estimate, the implementation of VoIP service cuts on the telecommunications costs of businesses by about 30%. Not only this, since business VoIP systems are fully compatible with the existing communication support structure, therefore, do not require initial investment in PBX and other expensive equipment. This effectively translates into lower startup costs. Furthermore, in order to lure the small, growing business, hosted service providers offer lowest cost of entry, which again is a win-win situation for them. Their expenditure over hardware is limited to a set of IP phones and a voice gateway connected to the router. In addition to the inherent advantage of streamlining communications infrastructure into a single network, this VoIP data network minimizes the maintenance costs to impressive levels. It is more flexible and cheaper to maintain than circuitry and phone lines in many ways. It’s the responsibility of hosted service providers to take care of the VoIP system hardware off-premises, which ensures that company has to utilize minimum of its own resources. Unlike the business phone service, in this system, calls travel over the broadband connection rather than the PSTN. Therefore, the concept of per-call and long-distance costs just vanishes, which results into a huge savings in terms of monthly phone bills. Many hosted service providers also promote lower costs by providing facility of a la carte, allowing smaller businesses to choose only the features they need. Thus, offering so many cost benefits in conjugation with exceptional performance and added features, business VoIP is definitely the next generation’s standard for corporate communications.

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