April 14, 2024


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Call Forwarding – Comfortable Way of Communication

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Call Forwarding – Comfortable Way of Communication It is a fact that rapid advancements have...

Call Forwarding – Comfortable Way of Communication It is a fact that rapid advancements have taken place in the field of telecommunications and today there are several sophisticated systems with many standard as well as advanced features. But of all the several features available, one of the most valuable features is ‘call forwarding’. By virtue of forwarding feature, business owners are able to be in constant touch with their employees and more importantly, no customer call is ever missed. Call forwarding, simply stated, is feature whereby an incoming telephone call is directed to any other pre-determined point. This point could be any other extension located within the same business premises or some other land-line number located outside, or even a mobile phone. Thus, the chief advantage of this feature is that it ensures no incoming calls are missed even if the intended recipient is not available at the location where his/her telephone number exists. Some of the salient features of the ‘call forwarding’ facility are: • It allows calls to be directed to multiple phones simultaneously or in a sequential order till the call is answered at some point. • You can avail 800 toll free call forwarding advantages. You can obtain a toll-free number and have your incoming calls redirected to any phone, any time and anywhere. • The long distance and international call promoting service has distinct benefits. You have the option to select a number in a country other than where you are located and have the forwarded callers to your local phone. • In view of the ability to forward incoming calls even outside office hours and send them to a call center – it can often result in a sale that may otherwise be lost. Portability is a key benefit of ‘call promoting’ feature and thus the employee of a business organization can travel around without losing communication facilities. The two most rampantly used types of Forwarding features are Call Variable and Call promote Busy/No Response. Call Forwarding Variable feature will produce a half ring each time an incoming is forwarded – to keep you informed that a call is being forwarded. But the fact is you can not answer the call from your phone when this type of promoting takes place. Call Forwarding Busy/No Answer feature will enable all incoming calls to be straightaway transferred when all of your lines are busy or after a pre-determined number of rings. But, please be aware that the phone line that is forwarded to another landline or mobile is billed as though an outgoing call is being made. This means long distance charges will apply if the number the lines are forwarded to happens to be a long distance number. But, remote call promoting is predominantly used by business enterprises as a marketing tool and as such, even if you incur additional charges the expenses will be more than justified. Call forwarding feature offers flexibility as to how, when and where you want your incoming calls to be answered. With advanced forwarding such as time of day routing, calls can be forwarded to different phones at varying hours throughout the day and night. Call forwarding ensures customers are always connected with a live representative rather than listening to an impersonal message of a voice recorder.

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