March 1, 2024


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Functions of Cloud Based Business Phone System

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Functions of Cloud Based Business Phone System There is now a greater awareness amongst the...

Functions of Cloud Based Business Phone System There is now a greater awareness amongst the business community that all Cloud-based services can save them time and money. Setting up a traditional PBX business phone system is cumbersome as it entails buying the equipment, drilling holes in walls, running lines, and generally spoiling the interior d?�cor. A cloud-based VoIP system can be made operational almost instantly, with no necessity to buying /installing equipment, no drilling and no running of wires. All you need to invest in are the handsets or headsets and a call router, which is relatively simple to set up. With Cloud system, adding an extension is a matter of reconfiguring the phone system by clicking settings on a web page or even on a mobile app. Some businesses can even add an office phone number to an employee’s smartphone and avoid buying a new handset or headset. Prior to the emergence of cloud-based phone systems, most businesses were compelled to buy or rather overbuy large sized PBX equipment that simply exceeded their needs. With cloud-based services, you do not buy or install the PBX nor bother about its operation and maintenance. Your phone system administrator communicates with the service provider on a web-based dashboard. Since Cloud services are manned 24X7, fixing a problem is quick and the downtime is minimal. You do not have to call a technician and wait restlessly for him to come to your business premises, diagnose the fault and fix the problem. Some cloud-based phone systems, apart from standard features, also have advanced facilities like automated transcription. Suppose a customer calls and the person he or she is seeking is in a meeting and cannot immediately answer, the call may be routed elsewhere, or it may be sent to a voice mail system where the voice message is automatically transcribed and can be sent by email to the intended recipient. Automated transcription is also an excellent record-keeping application, making it easy to review messages and the call content at any later date. With cloud-based VoIP systems make it much easier to locate employees. “Find me Anywhere” feature will allow employees to forward numbers to their smart phone, so that they are reachable in the office, in the field, or while traveling. Hiring an office receptionist is a luxury expense for many small and even midsized businesses and cloud-based VoIP systems with an “auto-attendant” feature will do the jib. On a humorous note, an auto-attendant will never get sick, never go on vacation, never seek wage increases but will faithfully take calls around the clock. Expenses towards infrastructure for cloud-based phone systems can be very marginal. Depending on the setup, a business house may need to set up a router, and they may have to provide handsets or headsets to employees. But with VoIP features that allow calls to be easily routed to employees’ own handsets on a virtual business phone line, infrastructure costs can further drop down. Cloud-based phone system enables customers to communicate inside and outside the office and provides greater mobility and flexibility than conventional phone systems and is also lot more economical. In the present scenario, businesses have to be constantly connected to stay competitive, and cloud-based business phone systems allow maximum connectivity with a minimum of expense on infrastructure, configuration and repair services.

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