May 28, 2024


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How to Get the Best Deals on Cell Phones and Service

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How to Get the Best Deals on Cell Phones and Service This is a short, but telling article on how the get the best cell phone deals, and cell phone service. In the next few paragraphs I’ll briefly cover cellular carriers, cell phone suppliers, and fulfillment centers, plus the differences between post paid wireless, prepaid, and pay as you go. As with most any type of phone service, availability is a factor. Regardless of how good the price is, it doesn’t do us any good to compare prices to services that are not available to us. Most cellular providers will ask you to enter your zip code to see if they offer service in your area at some point during the order process. Keep in mind by entering your zip code you are not obligated in any way to buy. This is, however, a necessary step in comparison shopping for wireless, so don’t hesitate to enter that information when asked. By doing so you’ll sort out the providers, and cellular carriers available where you live more quickly, making it easier to get to the actual comparison. Post paid plans are those that you are billed each month, but after you’ve used your plan. These are the plans that often require a contract for a new cell phone. The benefit to getting a free phone on contract is it’s highly discounted, or free. Post paid carriers are also generally more reliably, more widely available, and are used by more people, so you can take advantage of free mobile to mobile. To get the best deal on a post paid cell phone plan, find a website that allows you to compare phones and plans side by side. Simply choose your favorite phone, at the best price, and select a plan that works best for you. It’s easy and straight forward. Prepaid plans can be monthly, or pay as you go. Either way you pay first for the service before using it. To get the best deal on a prepaid cell phone plan do a search on Google, and find a website that offers popular prepaid carriers. Why popular? The more popular a prepaid wireless carrier is the better the chances it’s a large company with good coverage. If you talk, and text a lot search for “unlimited talk text and web prepaid” in Google. If you want a cell phone, but don’t plan to use it often you would be better off with a pay as you go plan. For the best deals on prepaid wireless, you need to first decide if you’re a heavy or moderate users. Unlimited prepaid for heavy and pay as you go for moderate. Try searching for things like “prepaid free phone”, or “pay as you go phones “$9.99”, or even “refurbished prepaid phones”. Since with most prepaid calling plans you have to buy your phone, this might help you save on a new one.

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