March 1, 2024


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Is Internet Phone Really Worth It? What It Is Being Buzzed About?

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Is Internet Phone Really Worth It? What It Is Being Buzzed About? You have heard...

Is Internet Phone Really Worth It? What It Is Being Buzzed About? You have heard the word around about an internet phone and you have probably seen the ads and read the huge billboards around the city. I am sure someone in your neighborhood would definitely be using a VoIP service. VoIP or in full form known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or an internet phone or is the new digital sensation in the telecommunication world driving huge crowds of people to sign up with a service provider. There are more than hundreds of VoIP service providers in the market today. Every VoIP provider has different calling plans, mostly residential and business plans. These business plans are generally a bit more expensive than the residential calling plans, though there are many interesting features offered as well. The most common service features include voice mail, caller ID, call blocking, call waiting, 3-way calling and the best part is that these service features don’t cost a penny extra – but this is limited to an internet phone service only. On the contrary, traditional phone service charges extra for every additional feature you want, mostly $15-$25, depending on the feature you choose. International calls are cheap when dialed from an Internet phone service. Imagine calling Australia or Korea for as low as 3 cents per min., depending on which country you are dialing. In addition, mostly internet phone providers offer services like making free calls to US and Canada. If you have friends or family living overseas, and calling from traditional phone, even though scares you, then simply subscribe to an internet phone and choose a calling plan that allows you to make long hours calls and get the feeling of staying connected even if you’re away. Do you have a high-speed internet connection? No, not just an internet connection, a high-speed connection like a DSL or cable internet, then you can get a tremendous Voice quality for your VoIP phone. In addition to that, you can make economical calls using public hot spots that facilitate you with a Wi-Fi service for either free or just a few cents an hour. If you are running a business, then a VoIP phone with a business service plan activated is exactly what you need to begin with. Every business owner wants to save more money than spending it and an internet phone gives you an incredibly low priced service without much pre-requisites, expect for a high speed internet connection. Mostly, businesspersons need to make numerous calls daily and need to build a strong market presence as well. Business owners stand to benefit the most from switching to VoIP service. High long distance volume, systems integration, phone number mobility, and local market presence are the main reasons why. With a VoIP phone, you can continue to make calls without worrying much about the call charges and save oodles of money. Just imagine what it would be making the same amount of calls that you do with a traditional phone service, you would be given with a big bill at the end, and you will be infuriated with the figure. So if you want to save and enjoy maximum calling benefits, subscribe to an internet phone service today.

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