May 28, 2024


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Magic Jack VoIP Phone Service

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Magic Jack VoIP Phone Service Long distance calls are too expensive. You could save a significant amount of money [spent on long distance calls] every year by buying the “Magic jack VoIP Phone”. More and more people are discovering the virtues of this VoIP phone every year. The biggest reason why you should purchase the Magic Jack is that it significantly cuts down phone bills. You could make local and long distant phone calls to numbers in the United States and Canada by just coughing up $40 for a full year’s subscription. The best part is that you pay just half of that money every year after the first year. This device is very easy to install and still easier to use. You just need to plug the device to the USB port on your computer and connect the internet to start making and receiving calls. It’s true that you need a high speed internet connection to be able to use the service, but most homes are equipped with one; so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Once you start installing the device, the accompanied software prompts easy to understand instructions to assist you with the installation process. The only “negative” thing about this technology is that you need to keep your computer running to be able to make and receive calls. Well, if you are already acquainted with VoIP technology, you would know that most VoIP phones need you to keep your computer switched on while making calls. There are a couple of them that could be operated through cell phones, but they can hardly be termed “hassle free”. If things get too complicated, you would actually start losing interest and end up using your land phone to make calls! VoIP technology has already been around for quite some time now, but Magic Jack performs far better compared to conventional VoIP phones. The biggest issue with this technology is call clarity. In most of the cases, call clarity is so poor that you’d have to spend a lot of time getting your word across. Magic Jack belongs to a different breed altogether. Call clarity is amazing and so is the cost effectiveness. Another big issue with VoIP phones is that, they don’t allow emergency calls. Magic Jack asks for your area code during the installation process and keeps this information saved in the system. When you dial 911 from this phone, the authorities have no problem understanding your location. Simplicity and cost effectiveness are the two attributes that describe the Magic Jack best. The manufacturers were intelligent enough to understand that people don’t like to get acquainted with “new” technology and hence, they made this device so easy to understand and operate.

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