May 28, 2024


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Review of Toktumi Phone Service

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Review of Toktumi Phone Service Toktumi is a PBX service that works on your broadband connection. What that means is that you can use your computer to make phone calls. The phone itself is the same as a typical land line and the call quality is just as good if not better. What Toktumi specializes in is small businesses. Using their service you can set up your small business number with them and make unlimited calls to the United States and Canada and they also offer the ability to call overseas as well. The rate for many of the overseas countries is only two cents per minute and that includes a good deal of countries. Toktumi differs from many other PBX services in that they do not charge any upfront fees or installation fees. Their fee is a flat $14.95 per month and for that you get a lot of features. Some of the features you can enjoy with Toktumi service are: • 800 Number: While not a requirement as you can choose to use a local number, you have the option of choosing an 800 number form their huge pool of 800 numbers. This allows you to look bigger than you actually are and give those who want to call the option to do so without having to pay a cent. • Cell Number: Toktumi gives you a second number so that you can use your existing cell phone to conduct all of your Toktumi calls while on the go. You can also receive calls on your cell phone if you wish and your personal cell number will still remain private. • Virtual Assistant: Your virtual assistant will screen all of the calls that come in, announce the calls to you as they come in, and will even give a different greeting according to whether the call is a business or personal one. • Conference Calling: Toktumi offers you the ability to conduct conference calls over your computer’s broadband for up to 20 people at a time. The service even allows you to record the calls for future reference if you desire to do so. • Little Extras: All that little extras that come with any typical phone service such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and more are all included with Toktumi’s service. When compared to other PBX services, Toktumi is one of the best bargains in the industry. They do seem to realize though that there will be many who have their doubts. Toktumi addresses this issue by offering a 30 day risk free trial. This is great way to be able to ‘test drive’ the service and all its features before you actually give them money. With the amount of options and the low cost per month, Toktumi seems that it may make for the perfect solution to your business phone needs. With the ability to try before you buy, you too may want to check into the service and test it out for yourself. If you like it then all is good and if you don’t you are still in good shape as you simply have to cancel your service before the free trial is up and you will not be charged a thing.

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