May 30, 2024


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Revolution of Call Forwarding Communication

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Revolution of Call Forwarding Communication Call forwarding is a telephonic feature that enables incoming telephone calls to be redirected to a different point of termination – this may be another extension in the same office premises or mobile phone, home phone, office phone or even voicemail. The chief advantage of call forwarding feature is it ensures callers that their telephone calls are not missed even if the recipient is not available at his predetermined location. Call promoting diverts an incoming call to any directed phones such as mobile phone, home phone, office phone or even voicemail. It ensures you do not miss out on any call and the caller is not confronted with annoying situations like no network, busy, out of reach, unable to receive call etc. Call forwarding services is a veritable boon for business owners and employees who traveled a lot. This feature is usually of two types – Call Forwarding Variable and Call Forward Busy/No Response. Call Forwarding Variable is a feature that allows you to choose a number to which all your incoming calls can be directed. Call Forwarding Busy/No Response is a feature that will enable all incoming calls to be transferred automatically when all of your lines are busy or no response after a select number of rings. As the telecom technology keeps advancing, it is becoming more and more feasible to use remote call promoting features to redirect calls to any part of the world with relative ease. With this feature, you are no longer required to be physically present near your phone at all times but still not lose valuable business calls. By availing call feature, you will be able to have callers reach you even during non-office hours and on holidays and also at any hour of your choice. Another feature also lets you block certain calls by sending them to voice mail based on the number calling. Businesses favor this facility in view of the present-day global economy when business transactions take place sans borders. It is fact that today more and more business enterprises are having worldwide presence and international call promoting has become a powerful marketing tool. Global feature provides users with a local number in any country that seamlessly forwards the incoming calls to their mobile or office/residential land phone. Call forwarding feature, even if availed as a paid service, will more than pay for itself in the long run. Businesses that use this feature will be able to enlarge their customer-base, build robust customer-relationship, improve overall productivity and boost sales and concomitant profits. Needless to say, when your customers have unfailing access to you, they will feel satisfied and are more likely to choose your products over your competitors who do not offer them the same call forwarding facility. Another advantage is it prevents callers from being faced with an impersonal voice mail message. You can build your brand and popularize your products by activating your own local or international toll-free number. You can provide your customers/clients/employees/other stakeholders with a local or toll free number in the country they live in so they can simply reach you by dialing that local number. This will not only make your customers feel as if they are conducting business with a local company, but it will also make them develop loyalty for your business. Today, call forwarding feature is often included as a standard feature by many service providers – though advanced features may still be a paid option.

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