June 14, 2024


Phone Service

Six Reasons to Have A Human Answering Your Business Phones

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Six Reasons to Have A Human Answering Your Business Phones How many times have you called a business only to be greeted by an automated phone attendant? Yes, a machine that tells you how important your business is to them. Just, how bad is that? These types of greetings often include the message. ” In order to serve you better please listen to the following options”. If you are anything like the 80 percent of first time callers to any business you just hang up. That’s right. Over 80 % hang up and call your competitor. I believe an automated attendant tells your potential customer that your business is about you and not them. So what is the real cost to have a human answer the phone. I truly believe your phone greeter should be part of the sales team. Make it part our your sales budget. If it is looked at as a cost it will be only human nature to do this as cheap as you can. Here inter the automated attendant. Ugh!! This person answering your phone should be a welcoming individual. Business is about making people feel good and it should reflect that your company has the people and the solution to make that happen. If your company is not big enough to have a full time employee as a greeter, this service can be outsourced at a cost far below what one might expect. Yes, Good clean Canadian or American voices without accent. So how does the telephone answering industry do this so well? It’s in the technology. When your call lands at a message or call centre facility it is mapped through a computer system that identifies who the call is for. The phone gets answered as if the agent is sitting inside your front door. The greeting as well as all the staff contacts and department info is there, right on the agents screen. If it’s a new sales inquiry the agency patches the call directly to the sales department. How this hand off gets done is completely tied to how you want it to happen. The same applies for customer service or accounting. The technology makes the process simple. But it is all done by a human. The following are six reasons to dump your automated attendant or voice mail box on your main phone line. 100 percent of callers and not 20 percent of callers will actually get to talk with someone at your business. Time is saved by not having someone listen to the message and then dispatch or forward the message. It shows the caller that your business is about them and not you. The response time is immediate. The caller gets what they called for… right now!! This superior level of service will actually bring you referrals through good will. If your customer is calling your business with a complaint or issue a voice attendant will amplify the problem and create bad will. When you add layers to your businesses you actually make it more difficult for customers to do business with you. There is nothing more intuitive than a human that answers your phone and can get those important calls into the rights hands in your business. Your sales and customer satisfaction will flourish if you can deliver on what you say you can do.

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