April 21, 2024


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Start Saving Money on Your Phone Service Today!

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Start Saving Money on Your Phone Service Today! Check out these simple ways that you...

Start Saving Money on Your Phone Service Today! Check out these simple ways that you can start saving on your phone bill almost immediately – Sign Up for the Right Package. Make sure your are signed up for a service package that is limited to things that you are actually going to use. Some people pay for expensive phone service plans that have features that they don’t even use. Therefore, they are wasting unnecessary money that can be used in other ways. Telephone & Internet Bundles. While it does save you money to have a Telephone & Internet Bundle, you definitely want to make sure that you are not getting billed for any game packs that you have not ordered. I found this to be a problem with my telephone bill and I had been charged 3 consecutive months in a row. Third Party Charges. You always want to pay close attention to your telephone bill charges regardless of if you think it is correct or not. But you also want to make sure that there are no third party charges that you are being billed for. My grandmother had unnoticed third party charges on her telephone bill and she had paid these charges for over a year because the charge was very small like $3.25 or something. But nonetheless it could be money coming out of your pocket and it does add up. Billing Inaccuracies. If you find that you have billing inaccuracies with your statement, contact your carrier as soon as you notice it so that they can make the correction. And even if you don’t notice it to the next billing cycle, still let them know about it so that they can make the necessary adjustments. Service Outage. If you ever experience a service outage, wait until the problem is fixed by your carrier and then have them credit you for the time that your telephone was down. Now they won’t just offer this freely of course, so you have to bring it to their attention in order for anything to be done. And if you have a telephone and internet bundle package and your phone goes out, you can get credit from the telephone billing dept. and the internet billing dept. You have to have telephone to have internet right? Just keep in mind that you have to tackle the departments individually in order to get the credit that you deserve. Eliminate *69 by Getting a Caller ID. Yes, using *69 does cost money and it really is unnecessary. Most phones now days come with a Caller ID, but if yours doesn’t then you need to invest in one. It will actually save you a lot of money if you are one that finds yourself using *69 a lot. Consider VoIP Service – If you are paying for landline telephone service then you are more than likely paying $40-$80 monthly. You should consider using a VoIP service such as Vonage where you can get unlimited service and features for under $25. That will shave a lot off of your monthly phone bill and your pocket will definitely thank you. Check Out the Magic Jack. If you are someone that has a computer with Internet access then you might want to consider purchasing a Magic Jack. It is another form of VoIP service that connects to your computer. What’s so great about it is you only pay a bill once per year that is under $25. These are just some simple things that you can begin doing today in order to save money on your telephone bill. You will be amazed at how much money you can actually save by using these techniques.

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