April 14, 2024


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Talkit – The Cheapest and Best Home Phone in Canada

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Talkit – The Cheapest and Best Home Phone in Canada is a company located in...

Talkit – The Cheapest and Best Home Phone in Canada is a company located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada which offers the best value in a Canadian Home Phone offering I have seen any where! I first became aware of Talkit in September 2009 and got the service installed not too long thereafter. Since the service was so inexpensive I decided to get 2 lines installed as we have young adults living at home as well as an almost teenage daughter. The Canadian Home Phone service requires a Cable or DSL modem since it is VOIP based and at the time we had Cable and the service has worked without incident since then. Even the transition to DSL over “dry-loop” was flawless. We currently use out of London, Ontario and the up-time has been 100% so far. By the way, “dry-loop” refers to using the telephone company phone line to provide the signal when you do not have an active standard “pots” (plain old telephone service). The VOIP service is a VOIP service similar to all others – VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP simply uses the Internet to access the telephone switches instead of the copper wire that the standard telephone system uses. All VOIP providers will have a device similar to a modem that connects to your Cable or DSL modem into which you connect your telephone devices. To use the service, picking up any of the telephones connected to this device you will hear a dialtone generated by your VOIP device indicating it is ready for you to place a call. Once you have dialed the number, it connects through the internet to the VOIP providers chosen partner to the telephone switch and your call attempt begins. The service compares in functionality to other VOIP providers such as Vonage or those offered by Cogeco or Shaw to name a few, but the comparison stops here. The service itself works flawlessly, I can’t speak for the competitors VOIP service since I don’t subscribe to them. Pricing is however another matter. Once you purchase the equipment for $79.99 and pay $59.99 for the service for one year and $30 for porting your existing phone number (this is an optional fee – if you simply use the free phone number provided by the porting fee is not necessary) you are all set and do not need to pay anything else for an entire year! The following features are included in the $59.99 fee: Call Waiting, Call Display, Voice Mail, 3 Way Calling and Call Forwarding! Another very useful feature is the ability to have a text message sent to your cell phone containing the date, time and caller ID phone# of the party calling whenever a voicemail message is left on your home phone service. The home phone service also offers another great benefit: FREE LONG DISTANCE IN CANADA! Just dial the area code and phone number of any Canadian person or business and you will be calling them for free any time 24/7 with no limit placed on the length of the call! For US and International Long Distance has an offering that you will find quite inexpensive and you will find it is usually cheaper than any competitive offerings out there. For more information on the service I feel is the best Canadian Home Phone Service available, visit my link here:

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