What VoIP Can Do for Your Small Business or Home Office

What VoIP Can Do for Your Small Business or Home Office VoIP phone service has been around for a few years now. It’s basically a new phone service that allows your business to run its phone system through its current internet connection. There are a variety of benefits that come from having VoIP phone service for your home office or small business. VoIP phone solutions come with a nearly endless list of features that most traditional phone systems either don’t have or just aren’t compatible with. Most of these additional, cutting-edge features come bundled with the phone service and are included at no additional charge to the customer. These great, new services aren’t expensive and work well for a variety of different businesses and are especially useful for those who work from home. If you’re a small business that’s looking for something that’ll make you look more professional and put you on a level of competition that’s right up there with many of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, a VoIP phone system is the first thing that should be on your list of things to buy. To start, VoIP service providers offer businesses a choice of either a toll-free 800 number or a local number. These numbers used to only be available to large companies with a lot of employees or businesses that could afford the extra cost of a vanity phone number. Now you can get a customized phone number for incredibly cheap. Today, a dedicated phone number is necessary for all businesses that want to appear both serious and professional. Along with your customized phone number, many VoIP services offer automated greetings, auto-receptionist services and advanced call-directing features. These services are perfect for businesses that would like their customers to receive a warm, personalized greeting or an immediate answer whenever they call, regardless of the time of day or whether or not your office is currently open. If your business already has a secretary that answers the phones for you, VoIP services typically include on-hold music that you can use whenever you place a customer or client on hold. This is a great touch that adds additional “wow” factor to your small business or new company. VoIP phone systems also include features that make your life as an on-the-go business owner much easier. Many of the leading providers offer advanced call forwarding services which allow you to direct your calls to any phone line you designate. This comes in handy when you’re out of the office and want to take calls on your mobile phone or on a separate home phone line. You’ll never have to worry about missing an important phone call again. Switching between phones is as easy as clicking a button. Many VoIP companies also include great services like caller ID, call screening and internet faxing for free. These are usually the features that traditional phone companies like to charge you extra for. If you have a smart phone, some VoIP services offer applications that allow you to control your phone system from the palm of your hand. Your entire business now rides in your pocket with you wherever you go. Take calls on the run or direct the calls to someone at your office. What you do with your calls is up to you. What matters now is that your phone service comes with options, and life is all about options. If you haven’t already jumped on the VoIP bandwagon, now’s the time to do it. Cut out your old phone line and upgrade to something that’s far better, has more features and is actually worth your hard-earned money. Your small business deserves something that’s refreshing and new. Say goodbye to the big, old, expensive phone company and say hello to your new friend Mr. VoIP. You deserve it.

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