Why Phone and Internet Are Essential for All?

Why Phone and Internet Are Essential for All? The advent of computers and the ushering in of digital technologies have drastically transformed the quality of human lives as also the way we conduct business. With passage of time, innovative devices continue to surface – personal computers, broad band, mobile phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, mobile wireless devices etc. In fact, an information and communications technology explosion is taking place and the entire human society is becoming increasingly dependent on the internet and hi-tech phone systems. This broadband and computing revolution dominates our lives. It’s exciting and pregnant with infinite possibilities. Internet is no longer the privilege of the elite and every common man uses internet for gathering information and communications. The time has undoubtedly arrived to consider the internet and telephony as essential services. The aging and chronically ill patients use the internet in their homes to have direct consultations with their doctor or a hospital /clinic. Parents use programs like Skype to discuss their children’s academic progress with the teachers. Students use the internet at home and at colleges to access knowledge about their subjects. Needless to say, businesses will be cripples if the internet facility is withdrawn. Whatever has been said about the Internet applies equally to phone communications. The telephone has become indispensable because it allows important information to travel over great distances almost instantly. Distances have today ceased to matter because of the availability of telephone services. The telephone is a convenient and fulfilling way to contact someone because you can speak directly through voice and obtain instant response. It is easier to understand and communicate through the telephone because you can use your voice to express emotion and interact better with each other. These days, with phone service so cheap, we can communicate through phone more frequently and also create more opportunities to hear the voice of our loved ones. Today, we have a variety of phone communication. Some favor chatting on the landline phone. Others prefer to carry a cell phone so that they can use it wherever they are and be accessible to others at all times. Some individuals have satellite phones, which work virtually anywhere in the world. The bottom line is everyone has certain phone communications and simply cannot do without it. The mobile phone has become for better or worse an integral part of modern life and culture. The mobile phone was once a sophisticated technological device only meant for the elite but today it is an affordable means of communication for people belonging to all strata of society. Everyone has been in an emergency situation when access to a mobile phone has brought relief and literally saved the situation. Conducting business without a computer or the internet or phone is no longer feasible in today’s business environs. Use of telephones and internet provide quicker communication and speeds up business negotiations. The modern business cannot thrive without the use of the mobile phones. You can get hold of a client or employee on the move and this is necessary to pass on information immediately and hasten work progress. A library was once the only way you could access pertinent information but now with the internet, you can access information of any kind within a few seconds. For such of those people who do not particularly enjoy going out, visiting shopping malls, standing in queues amidst milling crowds – buying online is a veritable boon. You have the ability to book tickets for Railways, Airways and Cinema Halls and do bulk of your banking sitting in the comfort of your home.

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