June 14, 2024


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Economic Living – Cellphone Plans

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Economic Living – Cellphone Plans With the economy being so weak, most people are tightening their belts and reworking their budgets. Telephone service is one area where people wonder: why can’t I get this cheaper? It’s a necessity but it gets so expensive! Most people also have cell phones. In some families, each person wants their own cell, with features like text messages and Internet connection. The tips below will help you to manage your family’s phone needs with the least expense: Evaluate different calling plans. People can outgrow their calling plans. Just because a plan worked for you previously, this does not mean that it is still a good match for your needs. With cell phone service plans changing so rapidly, periodic reassessment makes sense. Sometimes we also have estimated our phone needs incorrectly and ended up with the wrong plan. If you have a plan with lots of minutes, but you don’t use them all, you are paying for service you don’t need. A cheaper service would be fine. If you have a plan that is limited with minutes and you continually go over, you are paying premium cost for overlimit minutes; it would be less expensive overall if you step up to a more generous plan. Rethink your ‘need’ for a cell. Are you sure that you really need that cell? Many people can get by without one, even though they claim they can’t. Humans managed to survive without cell phones for a long time, chances are in most cases you would make it without yours. There are occasional emergencies. It is useful to have a limited plan cell around for real emergencies. Don’t use it as a regular phone though, or you will go over minutes and rack up cost. You may find that a service like Skype or Yahoo Voice will let you do without a cell altogether because you can make calls over your computer instead. Comparison shop technologies. You don’t have to have ‘phone’ service these days to make phone calls. There are many different ways that you can keep in touch with loved ones. Check online for the best deals. Consider also VOIP service, you may be able to use your broadband for your phone service as well. With so many different options, you can be certain that you’ll find an economical option to suit your needs. High phone bills simply are not necessary.

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