April 14, 2024


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How to Save Money on Your iPhone Cell Phone Service

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How to Save Money on Your iPhone Cell Phone Service Are you one of those...

How to Save Money on Your iPhone Cell Phone Service Are you one of those people who loves your iPhone, but doesn’t love the price you pay each month for your cell phone service? Would it be possible to go with another company? Could you save money? If your contract is going to expire and you want to save money, here’s how Wow Mobile can help. Wow Mobile is a new division of Liberty International, a pioneer in VOIP technology. They offer unlimited voice, texting and Internet for a low flat rate. Though Wow Mobile only sells Google Android phones, they also provide SIM cards than can be inserted into any SIM compatible phone, such as iPhones and Blackberries. SIM cards (Subscriber Identification Modules), are not widely understood in the United States, because many phones are locked, but 80% of the cell phones in the world use SIM cards. This enables the same phone to be used in nearly any country. I’ve used the same phone in many countries, just by changing SIM cards. In addition, there’s no contract. You are not locked into a two year obligation. The company is so confident about the value of their plans, that they don’t need to lock people into a contract. If you decide to get Wow Mobile service, and two months later decide you’d like to switch to another company (which is unlikely), you are free to do so. There are no early termination fees or contracts. But it gets even better. You can get your cell phone service free. How is that possible? Just refer three others to Wow Mobile, and your service is free. Where else in the world can you get free cell phone service? If you can find it, let me know! So if you have an iPhone, and would like to save $50 or more each month on your cell phone service, get a SIM card from Wow Mobile, and get started saving money.

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