March 1, 2024


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Residential VoIP Phone Service for the Consumer

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Residential VoIP Phone Service for the Consumer Voice over Internet Protocol – especially residential VoIP...

Residential VoIP Phone Service for the Consumer Voice over Internet Protocol – especially residential VoIP – has remarkably changed the way home owners communicate. VoIP is an innovative technology that makes it possible to communicate over the internet by transmitting voice in the form of data packets between two computing endpoints. Earlier, VoIP was only available for business purposes. This was because initially, broadband was somewhat uncommon in homes and thus VoIP service providers were not able to attract their home phone users. But things have changed over the years and broadband facility is now available for residential use as well. The price of a VoIP phone line is a fraction of the cost of a traditional telephone line and the long distance calls are much less expensive if they are made via VoIP provider. It is a fact that VoIP has made it easy for residential users to call and communicate with their far away contacts. All that you need is a device called the Adaptor box (ATA) that will connect your internet connection with the telephone. When you choose a VoIP phone service provider, you will be sent an adaptor to allow your regular phone to avail the VoIP phone service. There are several residential VoIP service providers – though not all of them will be equally reliable. The onus is on you to select the most reputable, consistent, and economical residential VoIP service. You should know what you are getting for the money you will be paying. You may compare the various quotes to know if there is a provider that offers better service for less fees. Needless to say, you should perform a thorough research before deciding on a provider. First of all, be clear in your mind the exact features you will need – so that you do not end up buying features that you may never need or use. For instance, ask yourself – Do I want three-way calling? Do I need voicemail? Ask such similar questions regarding each of the optional features. But please know that some service providers offer you features like voice mail, conference calling, call forwarding, call waiting, and caller IDs at affordable rates or even as part of a standard package. Visit the VoIP service provider’s web site and study the plans and services they offer and select the plan that best fits your needs. Sometimes, these plans may also be flexible and therefore it will be prudent to discuss your requirements with the provider. Enquire what the provider includes (or doesn’t include) in his quoted price like taxes, 911 service charges etc. The objective is to ensure there are no hidden charges. There are several advantages in using residential VoIP. Most Home VoIP providers offer packages from 200 to unlimited minutes per month. These calls make no distinction among interstate, intrastate, or local calls within North America. The most important advantage home owners want in a new product is that it should be cost effective. Making calls using a VoIP system can meaningfully reduce the cost of making calls. Moreover, if the person you are calling is also a VoIP user, your call can straightaway become free. Residential VoIP technology has made it possible and affordable to make overseas phone calls. A major benefit of a residential VoIP connection is that it is portable. It is installed as software in your computer; therefore, with a laptop you can carry your cheap phone calls wherever you go.

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