RV Tips – 4 Communication Tips When Traveling In An RV

RV Tips – 4 Communication Tips When Traveling In An RV While traveling in your RV, you will probably need the ability to communicate with family and friends, make reservations at the next RV park and/or be able to contact your bank or creditors. You may also need to stay in touch with the business world, if like me, you run a business when traveling in your RV. We use two types of communication – cell phone and internet connection. Here are a few tips to help you with your communication needs while traveling in your RV. 1. We are finding that more RV parks are offering internet service. Many are offering this as a free service while others will charge a daily, weekly or monthly rate. For those RV parks that offer internet connection, reliability of the service can vary considerably depending on how far you are from the equipment or repeater. If internet connection is important, then you may want to consider an “air card” that is available from cell phone providers. Check to see if the provider has a plan where you can turn the service off or “put it on vacation” when you are not traveling. 2. Unless there is a financial advantage to bundling your cell phone and internet “air card” service with the same provider, consider using two different services. We use AT&T for our phone service and Verizon for our internet air card service. We felt using two different services increased our likelihood of having some type of communication if one of the other services was unavailable. 3. Leave your travel itinerary with a family member or friend. If you are in an area where you cannot access cell phone or internet service, you can be reached in an emergency through the RV park office. 4. This is the most important communication tip and I have shared it with many RVers. If you find yourself in an emergency situation in an area that you have low cell phone service, dial 911 on your cell phone. We have been in two separate emergency situations with only 1 bar of cell phone strength and could not call out to any regular phone numbers. Dialing 911 immediately gave our cell phone five bars strength and we were connected to the Highway Patrol. I don’t know why or how but it works! While the type of communication while traveling in an RV may vary depending on your needs, pre-planning to establish your needs, knowing what is available and comparison shopping for the types of services you require will ensure you stay connected while on the road. Leaving your family and/or friends with your itinerary will ensure you can be contacted in case of an emergency when other communication services are unavailable. Finally, and most importantly, whenever you are in an emergency situation, dial 911 even if you think the call won’t get through – chances are it will!

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