April 14, 2024


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VoIP Business Phone Service – Which Solution is Right For Your Business?

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VoIP Business Phone Service – Which Solution is Right For Your Business? One of the...

VoIP Business Phone Service – Which Solution is Right For Your Business? One of the biggest expenses for any business, after staff costs, is the telephone bill. Businesses who have staff working away for the company offices or even abroad, are finding that the need to stay in contact is costing them more and more as telephone prices rise. There is a solution to help these businesses reduce their bills considerably, the advent of VoIP or voice over internet protocol, will allow business users to call for free to other VoIP users. All that is required is a high speed broadband connection and a router. The VoIP service provider will then facilitate the connection of a phone call, whether to another VoIP user, in which case the call will be free, or to a standard system, where regular charges will apply. If the company has offices in another part of the world, they can communicate with each other using the VoIP system which will save the company a lot of money as, after the initial very small investment, all calls will be free of charge. There will of course be the monthly charge for the service which is comparable, if not better than, traditional phone services. But the call charges will be considerably reduced. As more and more companies are realizing the benefits of this system, and the VoIP network grows, more companies can call other companies who are using this system – all for free. Using VoIP for business can still provide the usual telephone services that you would have with a traditional phone service such as, conference calls, fax, call forwarding etc. you can change or modify these simply by visiting a secure website that is run by the provider of your business VoIP system. So, to the recipient of any call, nothing will change. The communication is not compromised in any way. Calls can still be made from a VoIP system to a traditional telephone system. VoIP is a flexible, reliable telephone service that causes little or no disruption to the business during the changeover. The administration of the system is looked after by one information services department by your provider. No need to call in an expensive engineer to install another extension and there are no annual maintenance costs as all the technology is housed in the server of your chosen provider. So, in the current uncertain economic climate, it makes sense to explore the option of changing your telephone service provider to one of the VoIP services to reduce your telephone costs considerably.

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