March 1, 2024


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Should I Have A Landline In My Apartment Home?

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Should I Have A Landline In My Apartment Home? So you have just moved into...

Should I Have A Landline In My Apartment Home? So you have just moved into your new apartment home and now its time to start thinking about setting up all of your utilities. Of course you probably will want Internet, cable, and some type of phone service. But a question that many renters are now asking is if they need a separate landline. Many would be tenants might see this as an extra unneeded expense, especially if they have a cell phone. Cellular phones are a great option if your own the move. But remember, they are not 100% perfect. And many times they drop calls and at times have poor reception. We have listed a few items that you might want to consider before you permanently rule out a cell phone. What About An Emergency You will need to have a cellular phone with a charge if you plan on calling 911. But even another stronger point which convinces renters to purchase a landline is the automatic ability for emergency service centers to see you address and location your calling from. And this can be particularly helpful if your in a situation where you cannot speak or are injured. If your not too worried about having a charge, the emergency service center still might not be able to pinpoint where you are. Test Out Your Cell Phone Wouldn’t it be awful if you moved into your new apartment home only to find out that the reception on your cell phone was awful? You probably require cell phone service that works accordingly. And if your going to rely on a cellular phone as your primary and only line, you should make sure you have a strong signal in the apartment unit you plan on living in. Also what about your other habits. Do you keep your cell phone charged all the time?

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