May 28, 2024


Phone Service

The Future of Text Spam

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The Future of Text Spam It used to be that people were only hesitant to answer their home phones due to telemarketers, but now the same hesitation holds true with cell phones as well. With cell phones, it becomes even more tricky however because not only can telemarketers call mobile phones; they can also send text messages to them. Text messages from telemarketers are known as junk texts or spam text and consumers have been battling them for years. The unfortunate side to spam texts besides the obvious annoyance is that some cell customers have to pay for every text message that they receive. Due to this, all of those junk and spam texts from companies trying to solicit are actually costing cell phone customers money. Over the past few years, there has been an outpour of complaints from mobile customers regarding spam texting and consumers want it to stop. Cell phone service providers do typically have their own method of blocking spam texts, but most of these methods will still enable a few messages to still get through here and there. If a customer has to pay for these messages, they can cost anywhere from five cents all the way up to fifty cents or more on average per received text message. As time goes on and consumers become even more frustrated with the situation, it is likely that mobile phone service providers are going to be looking to different ways to block spam text. With the recent inventions of a bunch of highly advanced cell phones over the past couple of years, developing an application or “App” to block spam text is something that consumers are very interested in. A downloaded application that a user runs on their cell phone could possibly have a little better luck blocking junk texts than the current server side applications that cell phone service providers use. Not only that, but downloading and using an application provides the user with more control. For example, an application may be able to give users the option of blocking some text messages, but not others in which they want to receive. It will be interested to see what this consumer trend has in store for mobile phone users over the next few years. In the end, whether or not people are able to use applications to block junk texts is really going to be up to the cell phone service providers.

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