April 14, 2024


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Types of Problems on Android Phones and How to Solve Them

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Android Phones

Understanding the problem on the android phones can help us more easily find ways to overcome and find solutions. Indeed, Android smartphones are one type of cellphone that often experiences damage, whether it’s to the software or to the hardware.

Types of to Android phones can also vary, ranging from connectivity problems, applications, display, security and various other problems.

Here are types of problems that can occur on Android smartphones and how to overcome them.

Application Force Close in Android Phones

The first to an Android cellphone that can occur is that the application stops itself or can be referred to as “Force Close”, which is a condition where an application suddenly stops and closes itself.

Have you experienced it too??

While playing games, watching videos or opening other applications, suddenly the game or application stops and a pop-up message appears “Unfortunately, the application has stopped”.

You must be very disturbed.

There are many causes of force close applications on Android, including:

  • Full Hp RAM
  • Incompatible Apps
  • Cache Files Piling
  • And So On

How to solve problems with android cellphones like this is actually very easy.

There are several ways you can try, such as: deleting application data, updating applications, restarting the smartphone, upgrading the OS and others.

Problem to cellphones due to playing games in Android Phones

Is it true that playing games can make cellphones damaged faster? Or is it just a myth?

Well, based on the experience of the admin and friends who like to play games, it turns out that gaming activities with a duration of time that are too long and too often can make cellphones damaged faster than normal.

Especially if it turns out that the temperature of the cellphone rises drastically when used for gaming.

Of course this will potentially the cellphone itself. Because the temperature of a cellphone that is too high is not a good thing for your device.

Especially if your cellphone is not a cellphone specifically designed for gaming like the ASUS ROG Phone or Razer Phone.

The solution and how to overcome it so that the cellphone doesn’t get damaged quickly because playing games is enough to play the game for only 2 to 3 hours, that’s quite a long time.

Or you can play until the battery starts to run low.

And never play games while charging.

Hp Can’t Call

The next common android problem is that the android phone cannot make phone calls .

This type of android belongs to the category of minor . And we will also take it lightly when the android phone can’t make calls.

Our assumption may be that the credit has run out or it could be a network problem.

But we will start to panic a little when the android cellphone not only can’t make outgoing calls, but also can’t receive incoming calls even though the cellphone signal is good and the number is also active.

Then where’s the problem..??

There are several reasons that cause an Android phone to not be able to make calls.

Maybe your cellphone’s network mode is locked in 4G LTE mode, or it could be due to the FDN (Fixed Dialing Number) setting which can limit outgoing and incoming calls or it could be that the destination number you are calling is included in the block list.

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